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Ignoring specific content on a page

July 28, 2006 in Google Mini,GSA,Spidering | Comments (2)

If you want your Google Mini or Search Appliance to ignore part of your page, you can use some special tags to stop the content being indexed (and therefore brought back in the search results.)

Surround the content you want ignored with the following tags:

<!-- googleoff: index --> <!-- googleon: index -->

So if you have

<!-- googleoff: index --> I like bees <!-- googleon: index -->

On your page and you search for ‘bees’, it won’t come up, even if the page has been spidered. The only people who will find out about your love of buzzing insects will be those who have found the page through other means.

This can be useful for excluding parts of your page that the appliance might find confusing, for instance ‘H’ wants to exclude his breadcrumb trail.